Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another Part of the Plan of Attack

I've mentioned the creatine supplementing that began Friday night, 2/5/10.  Some other things that I had started doing perhaps two weeks ago is supplementing Evan with vitamins. I am giving him children's chewable multivitamin as well a high dose Vitamin D to help with inflammation in the brain, and also a high dose of Omega 3 in gummy form.  I started doing this perhaps 2 or 3 weeks ago.

Last week (Wednesday 2/3/10), Evan read me a book for the very first time.  This was a tremendously wonderful thing.  I thought it was unusual, but just thought perhaps he has learned it and I didn't realize it somehow.  Today, his teacher called me out of the blue and bragged on the change she has seen.  She says he is super alert and even cracking jokes!  She even mentioned the sudden ability to read.  I'm just blown away!  I think I am actually on the right track here.  It's so wonderful to see these things.  I've noticed small things myself which are very positive.

I'm also quite happy to report that Evan's thyroid levels are now within normal bounds...no medication used.  Only supplements.  People, this stuff WORKS.

If you'd like to read about how Vitamin D can help with inflammation and in turn help the brain, here are some great links:




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  1. Supplements are wonderful to see in action!!! I love that You did it and didn't tell the teacher and she called You!!! Wonderful...what a Praise!!!!